useKit Core Team


useKit enables cross-company collaboration.

Dr. Sven Rizzotti


Sven Rizzotti

Sven Rizzotti has over twenty years experience in Software and IT product development. Sven Rizzotti founded useKit AG together with Eric Fischer in 2009. His career started at the UBS research department where he specialised in Internet technologies and networking systems. Sven Rizzotti holds a PhD in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Math and a diploma as high-school teacher. Sven Rizzotti devotes his knowledge and energy to develop great software that is intuitive usable. He strongly believes that the combination of modern, sophisticated code with the simplicity in usage is the base for secure and trusted applications.

Dr. Eric Fischer


Eric Fischer

Eric Fischer co-founded useKit together with Sven Rizzotti. With more then 10 years of corporate IT experience, he clearly understands the needs of useKits customers. Eric is a biochemist by training and has a deep understanding of research and processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nicolas Ruflin

Software Engineer

Nicolas Ruflin

Nicolas Ruflin has more then 10 years experience in building and scaling large software projects. Through his position as CTO in the Centralway Factory and consulting other startups that had to scale their web applications he gained a deep understanding of the technology and business behind startups. His main interests are large scale database systems, search and data processing. Nicolas earned a Master of Computer Science from the University of Basel.

Jürg Senn

Head of Development

Jürg Senn brings over 10 years of development and project management experience to useKit AG. Jürg Senn is a certified Java Developer and has profound knowledge in server side programming. He is convinced that the highest standards of code quality are reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.

Simon Siegenthaler

Designer, Frontend

>Simon Siegenthaler

Simon Siegenthaler impresses with its ability to visually implement even the most complex processes and make them easy to understand. His keen eye for aesthetically pleasing user interfaces convinces again and again. Simon Siegenthaler uses his passion for photography, and graphic design and its implementation in the Web.

Mostafa AbdelMoez

Software Engineer

Mostafa AbdelMoez

Mostafa Abdelmoez concludes his thesis in computer science with a specialization in Software Engineering. He has over 5 years of experience as a freelancer in the IT sector. Mostafa Abdelmoez devotes his energy and experience in artificial intelligence to bring security and privacy to the highest possible level.

We are grateful for the support by EVA, CTI, i-net Basel, and venturelab.